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Sondhelm Partners Continues Winning Streak at the 2023 Hedgeweek US Awards


Hedgeweek recently recognized Sondhelm Partners as the Best Third-Party Marketing Firm in the US in 2023, an award Sondhelm has won for the second year in a row. Sondhelm Partners also clinched third place in the Best PR & Marketing Firm Category. The firm was honored with Hedgeweek’s Emerging Manager Award in the Best Third-Party Marketing Firm category earlier this year.

brand positioning for asset managers

“Our story needs some work.”

Distribution Help For Fund Managers

“Our sales team could use some direction.”

Marketing firms for asset managers

“Our email-blasts just aren’t gaining traction.”

PR for portfolio managers

“We aren’t getting the news coverage we deserve.”

Help for asset managers with mergers and acquisitions

“We want to buy mutual funds to grow AUM or sell our funds to a firm with stronger distribution.”

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December 14, 2023

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Active Mutual Fund Managers: Your Days Could Be Numbered?

December 01, 2023

A provocative PwC report predicts by 2030, up to 20% of active mutual fund boutiques could vanish, overwhelmed by market pressures and the surge of low-cost ETFs and index funds. How can smaller firms protect themselves and thrive?

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What Boutique Asset Managers Can Learn from Big Firms’ Website Mistakes

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The Unique Voice of Boutique Asset Managers During the Israeli-Hamas Conflict

October 13, 2023

It's a moment fraught with tension; global eyes are on the Middle East, markets are in flux, and your clients are looking for answers. While industry giants dominate headlines, are you prepared to break your silence and offer the nuanced perspective only a boutique asset manager can provide?

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In The News

As ETF Flows Climb, DFA Revamps Investor Website

February 26, 2024

As its ETF assets boom, Dimensional Fund Advisors debuts a refreshed website for individuals, walking a fine line to retain loyalty among advisors. Dan Sondhelm opined for the Ignites article.

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WisdomTree Teases Prime Ad Ahead of National Launch

February 13, 2024

WisdomTree is ramping up marketing efforts for its WisdomTree Prime digital wallet ahead of a national rollout. The blockchain-based platform presents an opportunity for WisdomTree to expand beyond investments. Dan Sondhelm opined for this article in Ignites.

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Voya’s New Ads Use Twins to Promote Investing Message

January 31, 2024

Voya launches lighthearted twin-centric ad campaign promoting workplace benefits and retirement savings tools with upbeat, entertainment-focused messaging. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Ignites article.

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