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If asset growth is your goal, better positioning, distribution, marketing and public relations) are the catalysts for raising your product profile in the marketplace.

To attract new clients and new advisors to your firm, you must clearly and consistently communicate who you are, what you stand for, and who can most benefit from your particular areas of expertise. Sondhelm Partners helps financial companies attract the platforms, advisors, and investors they need to grow their business.

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Sondhelm Partners provides its clients with turnkey, end-to-end, integrated marketing and distribution solutions – or single best-in-class solutions.

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Thought Leadership and Measuring Results Cuts across Everything We Do

While our offering is concentrated in positioning, distribution, marketing, and public relations, two other areas of expertise are provided across all of our categories.

Thought leadership investment marketing is the art of positioning your firm’s experts as primary influencers in the conversations and events that are critical to your investors.

Through press coverage, speaking opportunities and original content such as videos, research, white papers, blogs and webinars, investors and advisors will associate your story, brand, and expertise as an authoritative, reliable industry voice.

Measuring results is critical to any successful distribution or marketing initiative. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, we can track and measure progress to determine if adjustments may be needed.

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