Enhancing Communications in a Stay-at-Home World

The spread of the Coronavirus and the first bear market in a decade have created the most challenging environment for asset managers since the Great Recession. With travel curtailed and many advisors and institutional consultants working remotely, salespeople are dramatically reducing their selling and focusing more on stemming outflows from key clients. But just because wholesalers aren’t on the road doesn’t mean that asset managers should be keeping a low profile. On the contrary, it’s more important than ever for firms to be communicating with their clients and prospects – and firms are emphasizing these strategies. Read more »

Advisor Survey Stresses Importance of Giving Advisors What They Want

For asset managers looking to grow AUM, knowing what your target market wants and delivering it the way it wants is the key to increasing advisor engagement. Though the top-ranked leaders generally were the largest asset managers, the FUSE survey provides valuable insights for smaller firms seeking improved results from their marketing efforts. Read more »

Defining, Empowering and Rewarding Change in Your Organization

In a recent article, I suggested four ways boutique asset managers can transform their sales and marketing culture. But before you can implement these change strategies from the top-down, it’s important to create a strong business case, backed by research, that specifies how the changes you’re recommending will deliver the specific results you need to Read more »

4 Ways to Transform Your Sales and Marketing Culture

Investing in tactics can help, but your firm will be better off by encouraging greater flexibility and participation among those who can play a more effective role in delivering your message to the marketplace. Here are four suggestions to start this process. Read more »

Plain-speaking the language of retail investors

Portfolio managers and analysts generally feel most comfortable interacting with highly sophisticated institutional consultants and wealth managers who are well versed in the highly technical and jargon-laded lingua franca of the investment world. But as many asset managers find themselves struggling to capture new inflows, they’re asking portfolio managers and analysts to communicate directly with Read more »