How Asset Managers Can Get HubSpot Discounts

Are you an asset manager looking to add HubSpot to your tech stack but worried about stretching your marketing and sales budget? You’re not alone. Pricing is key when buying or renewing a HubSpot license, whether you’re a startup, boutique firm, or a large multinational.

Why Asset Managers Use HubSpot

For asset managers, marketing and sales are as important as the investment side of the business. Firms want to use HubSpot to enhance their marketing and sales efforts through its suite of tools. HubSpot helps firms start conversations, nurture leads, and support the sales process, providing a comprehensive solution to strengthen their overall business strategy.

For marketing teams, HubSpot offers lead generation, email marketing, and automation tools that streamline campaign management and optimize engagement. Sales teams benefit from HubSpot’s CRM, which centralizes contact management, tracks email interactions, and helps visualize and manage the sales pipeline. By leveraging these features, asset managers can significantly improve efficiency and drive better results.

Given these benefits, securing a HubSpot license at the best price is crucial. Here are 5 effective strategies for securing discounts on your HubSpot license.

  1. Pay for 12 Months Upfront

Paying for your 12-month subscription upfront can qualify you for a standard discount. Since most of HubSpot’s products require a 12-month commitment, paying in advance for multiple months can be a practical way to save if your cash flow allows it. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and the longer you pay upfront, the lower the overall cost.

  1. Ask for Discounts

Many asset managers overlook the simple act of asking for a discount. HubSpot’s sales team won’t be offended if you inquire about their best offer. Just asking can sometimes get you an extra 10% discount. Don’t shy away from this opportunity—your budget will thank you.

  1. Create a Custom Package

One of the biggest opportunities to negotiate better discounts is understanding how you can tailor HubSpot to your needs.

  • Bundles: HubSpot’s tools are divided into “hubs,” such as marketing, sales, and customer service. Identify which hubs are essential for your business needs. Multiple hubs can lead to larger discounts.
  • Tiers: HubSpot offers different service tiers—free, starter, professional, and enterprise. Choose the tier that matches your requirements and budget. Higher tiers can qualify you for larger discounts.
  • Seats: More users will increase the cost of your HubSpot license. This provides leverage for negotiating discounts.
  • Terms: The length and payment terms of your contract (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual) can also affect pricing. Longer commitments and upfront payments usually qualify for better discounts.

Mixing and matching these options allows you to create a custom package that suits your needs while maximizing your discount potential. HubSpot is often more willing to offer discounts when you invest more deeply into their suite of products.

  1. Consider Timing

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly quotas drive HubSpot sales teams. As these deadlines approach, sales representatives may be more inclined to offer better deals to meet their targets. Timing your purchase around these periods can result in discounts.

  1. Work with a HubSpot Partner

Collaborating with a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner like Sondhelm Partners can be advantageous. We have established relationships with HubSpot and can help you negotiate the best deal – up to a 40 percent discount. Even if you have already had conversations with HubSpot directly, working with a partner can provide additional leverage and insights to secure better terms. Working with a partner can also waive up to $6,000 of the onboarding fee.

Sondhelm Partners can also provide ongoing support to maximize your HubSpot investment. Here’s how:

  • Customized Onboarding: We can tailor the onboarding process to suit your needs, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal setup.
  • Training and Workshops: We offer individual and group sessions to help your marketing and sales teams get the most out of HubSpot’s tools and features.
  • Strategic Consultations: With our expertise in helping asset managers build brands and raise capital, Sondhelm Partners can provide strategic advice on marketing and sales strategies to meet your business goals.
  • Content and Campaign Management: We can help create compelling content and manage marketing campaigns to drive engagement, generate leads, and support your sales team.

Maximizing Your Investment

HubSpot pricing is a top consideration, but it shouldn’t be the sole driver of your decision-making process. Focus on your organization’s goals and the problems you want to solve. If HubSpot fits your budget, securing a discount is a bonus.

Investing in HubSpot is a strategic move to elevate your marketing and sales efforts. By taking advantage of these discount strategies, you can ensure that your investment is impactful and cost-effective. As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, Sondhelm Partners can be your ally in navigating this process, offering expertise and support to leverage HubSpot’s marketing and sales capabilities.

Take the next step towards transforming your marketing and sales efforts. Schedule a complimentary strategy session today to discover how to get the best HubSpot discounts and maximize your investment.

Dan Sondhelm is the CEO of Sondhelm Partners, a firm dedicated to helping boutique asset managers like you attract investors, strengthen credibility, and build influential brands.