Unlock the Power of Your Story

Investment marketing is the art of positioning a firm’s experts as primary influencers in the conversations and events that are critical to investors.

Do you have a good story to tell, but find that investors aren’t paying as much attention as you’d like?

Is your branding and messaging consistent and compelling?

Perhaps you need to articulate a value that’s independent of investment performance.

Or to simplify your story.

Or to differentiate your message in a sea of sameness.

According to Morningstar, the 50 largest mutual fund firms own 85% of the assets and receive more than 70% of the flows. Despite these impressive numbers, many financial advisors like working with boutique fund managers and alternative investment firms that have niche strategies, a brand based on their founder’s name and portfolio managers who are accessible by telephone.

Sondhelm Partners can help position asset managers for long-term growth.

Better Positioning Can Get You Noticed

brand positioning for asset managers

Positioning Services

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Message Differentiation
  • Story Creation
  • Message Diagnosis
  • Building Your Unique Position
  • Descriptions of Your Product Features and Benefits
  • Channel Suitability
  • Fund Pricing and Share Class Considerations

Positioning Involves All Aspects of Your Business

We’ll help you build a stronger position, a compelling value proposition, and a messaging platform that communicates your key strengths, benefits, and differentiators.

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