Identifying the Intangibles that Could Derail a Promising Merger

A merger opportunity often looks great on paper. Each side has its unique strengths which, when combined, could produce a competitive asset management powerhouse. But balance sheets, track records, compensation comparisons and valuations only tell part of the story. A transaction that looks awesome to those in the C-suite could be disastrous if it results in the loss of your most important assets – your key personnel. Here are a few “red flags” you may need to think about.

Finding a Strategic Partner for Access to Distribution

Part 1 of a 3-part series focuses on finding a merger, fund adoption or subadvisory partner to help boutique asset managers thrive. This article was summarized from our recent webinar, in collaboration with UMB Fund Services, “Pandemic, Strategic Plans and Growth” which shares actionable insights from industry leaders going all-in on growth in 2022.