25 Ways to Promote and Distribute Your White Paper

Let’s say you’ve just completed an educational white paper on a topic of clear and compelling interest to your existing and potential best new clients.

How do you promote and distribute it? Do you put it in clear plastic and hang it on doors? Slide it under windshield wipers? Drop it from airplanes?

Promoting a white paper (sometimes called an eBook or Investors Guide) goes beyond the first step of emailing it to your current clients.

People digest content in different ways. The more and better you repurpose it and distribute it, the more buzz you’ll create.

Try these tactics to elevate your white paper’s visibility, buzz-ability and overall usefulness:

1. Repurpose each chapter into a blog post.

2. Post the paper as a call to action on your website home page.

3. Pitch to a reporter at an influential news publication so they can place it or interview you on the topic.

4. Write an article for a leading trade publication, and add a link to the paper.

5. Write a headline and tweet it out with an image of the paper.

6. Create a Twitter web card with tips from the paper.

7. Design an infographic based on the paper’s tips, tricks, or quotes.

8. Post a chapter or chapters on SlideShare.

9. Post the cover on Instagram.

10. Share a snippet of it on Google+

11. Write a LinkedIn article based on the content.

12. Take the content and make it into a video.

13. Sell it on Amazon.

14. Place the book in the Resources (or Library) section of your website.

15. Create an online CTA for the white paper within another relevant blog post.

16. Give a printed edition to prospective investors at seminars, events, and in- person meeting.

17. Launch it as an audio book.

18. Create a podcast around the topic of the book.

19. Host a webinar.

20. Write a guest blog post for sites covering the topic.

21. Get it on a USB drive and give it away at conferences, seminars, and booth exhibits.

22. Promote it in your weekly email to existing subscribers.

23. Feature the content as part of your lead nurturing email campaign to potential investors.

24. If you do a radio broadcast, craft a feature segment on the main topic.

25. Turn it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Can you think of more ways to share your white paper?

For more information on these and other strategies for helping firms attract and retain investors, contact Dan Sondhelm at (703) 752-1510 x700.