Article Goes Viral with a Little Help

I’ve earned my share of retweets, likes and followers on Twitter over the years. But four years ago this month, Donald Trump helped Advisorpedia cofounders Tom Lydon and Doug Heikkinen and me become famous, sort of.

I was a new contributor for their one year old at-the-time website Advisorpedia, which is all about financial advisor innovation. Late one Saturday, Lydon tweeted the link to my first contribution What Financial Pros Can Learn from Donald Trump’s Communication Style to his followers.

Within minutes, the real Donald Trump retweeted Lydon’s post to his 5 million followers, with a note, “Very nice, thanks!”

Within seconds, my phone started buzzing with activity. As of 11am ET Monday, more than 2,200 Trump followers liked or retweeted the post.

As Trump would say, Advisorpedia has never seen traffic this “Yuge!” I spoke to Advisorpedia’ Heikkinen at the time. He was working on the site Saturday night when Lydon phoned from a reunion in Miami Beach questioning the increased activity on the site.

“This weekend we had 5,400 page views, more than double our previous record,” said Heikkinen. “Average page views for a weekend are 2,000.”

The Trump story received over 3,000 page views during the week ranking the story in the top 5 Advisorpedia stories of all time. The top ranked story, 20 Ways to Improve Your Performance at Work, written by Michelle Mosher at Ironstone, had more than 8,000 hits over a five month period.

Today, the Trump story still ranks #168 of the most read stories of all time. But Advisorpedia has grown so much – more traffic, quality contributors, and syndications. “It was a super fun day and shows the power of one man and one tweet,” said Heikkinen.

Dan Sondhelm is CEO of Sondhelm Partners, a firm that helps asset managers, mutual funds, ETFs, wealth managers and fintech companies grow through marketing, public relations and sales programs. Click to read Dan’s latest Insight articles and to schedule a complimentary consultation.