How to Enhance Your Conference Room for Virtual Meetings and Win More Business

conference room with people around a table participating in a video call

As the financial industry has returned to the office, boutique asset managers need to take their conference room virtual meetings more seriously to look the part of a serious firm and win more business. This additional effort will help you convert more prospects to clients and keep existing clients longer.

Imagine you finally landed that meeting with the gatekeeper who can allocate $300 million to your investment strategy. They liked your story and your statistics. But during the initial video call, they struggled to engage with you and your team of portfolio managers and salespeople.

But we gave it our best. What could have gone wrong?

  • Your team members appeared too small on screen or too far from the camera. Prospects had difficulty seeing your faces and reading your body language.
  • Poor sound quality made it difficult for them to hear what you were saying. This led to misunderstandings and decreased engagement.
  • Shadows, poor lighting, and dark backgrounds detracted from the professional image you wanted to convey.

To improve your conference room setup for virtual meetings, boutique asset managers should consider the following improvements:


Poor lighting can lead to shadows, making it difficult for clients and prospects on the other end of the call to see your face and surroundings. To ensure that your conference room is well-lit, add additional lighting sources, such as overhead lights or table lamps. Invest in a professional lighting kit, which can help to create a more balanced and even light source in the room.


Technical difficulties, background noise, and poor sound quality can make it difficult for clients and prospects to hear what you say on the call. Invest in a microphone and speaker system to ensure top-notch audio quality. Use a separate audio input device, such as a USB or wireless microphone, to improve the sound quality of your calls.

Camera Placement

A poorly placed camera can result in your team appearing too far from the camera or not appearing in the picture. To ensure that your team’s faces are captured clearly, position your camera at eye level, or slightly above, and close enough to capture everyone in the room. If your camera has a zoom feature, be sure to use it.

Video Conferencing Technology

Investing in high-quality video conferencing technology can help to enhance the quality of your virtual meetings and make them more efficient and effective. The technology can include software, hardware, and accessories that can help to improve the overall experience of virtual meetings. For example, invest in a high-quality, wide-angle camera that captures the entire room and all participants in the call.


A cluttered or distracting background can hurt the professional image you want to convey during virtual meetings. Rearrange the furniture in your conference room to create a clean and uncluttered space, or use a virtual background to create a more professional look.


Participants should feel relaxed during virtual meetings, so it is vital to ensure that the conference room is comfortable and well-ventilated. Invest in comfortable chairs and a table that is the right height for participants to work at during the call.

Set up and Practice

Set up your video conferencing accounts, such as Zoom or Teams, by adding your company name to your profile and including a photo or company logo. Take the time to practice and become familiar with the platform, including how to share your screen without struggling. No more saying, “I’m going to try and share my screen. Hold on for a minute.” This effort will help you look like you have done this before and enhance your professional image.

An All-in-One Video System

For a pro tip, we often recommend that clients invest in an all-in-one video system like the Meeting Owl by Owl Labs. This reasonably priced video conferencing system uniquely positions the camera in the middle of your conference room table and captures a 360-degree view of the room. It intelligently zooms in on whoever is speaking. This makes it easier for your clients and prospects to see you, especially when you are talking.

The Meeting Owl includes a microphone and speaker. For larger conference rooms, the system adds an optional second camera and microphone, which can be placed on the table to be closer to each participant, improving the sound quality of the call and reducing background noise.

By using a system like the Meeting Owl, boutique asset managers can further enhance the quality and professionalism of their virtual meetings and win more business.

Build Trust and Professionalism

By addressing the limitations of your conference room setup, boutique asset managers can build trust and professionalism with clients and prospects and better position themselves during virtual meetings. You will establish stronger relationships with your current clients and prospects and increase your chances of winning new business more frequently.

Dan Sondhelm is CEO of Sondhelm Partners, a firm that helps asset managers, mutual funds, ETFs, wealth managers and fintech companies grow through marketing, public relations, and sales programs. Click to read Dan’s latest Insight articles and to schedule a complimentary consultation.