ICI Small Funds Committee and Sondhelm Partners Develop Educational Series on Tech Tools for Growth

Tech Tools for Stronger Mutual Fund Sales and Marketing (Three Part Educational Series)

Joint series between ICI Small Funds Committee and Sondhelm Partners

The largest asset management firms have armies of salespeople, dedicated digital marketing and content writers and public relations pros on staff. They also incorporate technology and data in these activities to be smarter and more efficient.

Small and mid-sized firms, though, often have limited resources to dedicate towards growth or have the “we’ve always done it that way” mentality.

While some are skilled at leveraging technology and using data, others may not know what is possible.

A global BCG survey of asset managers suggests that only 20-30% of firms are genuinely committed to using technology and data that could turbocharge retail and institutional distribution: segment advisors more precisely, improve prospecting and sales targeting, predict and reduce attrition, improve institutional interactions and create personalized marketing.

The ICI Small Funds Committee and Sondhelm Partners have partnered to offer a three-part series focusing on Tech Tools for Stronger Mutual Fund Sales and Marketing. In two webinars and the ICI Small Funds Committee semi-annual meeting, we will share insights on the types of problems that technology and data can solve, how the technologies work and who the providers are.

Sondhelm Partners CEO Dan Sondhelm will lead the sessions. The webinar panels will be comprised of service providers in the space. The semi-annual meeting discussion will feature mutual funds that use technology and data exceptionally well.

Session 1 – Tech Tools for Stronger Mutual Fund Sales & Marketing Webinar

September 24th 1:00-2:00pm

  • Why is asset manager sales and marketing technology so important and which trends will prevail in 2020? – Boston Consulting Group
  • Taking control of your prospect and client data, using CRM to gain insights – Satuit Technologies
  • Manually updating pitchbook and website content can negatively impact speed-to-market, accuracy, client-centricity and – ultimately – your firm’s growth. Learn how automation can help – Synthesis Technology
  • “Email blasts” do not allow you to send behavior-based emails and learn how engaged your subscribers are with your content across emails, website and social media. Knowing your most engaged prospects would provide great intelligence for your sales team – Sondhelm Partners

Session 2 – Tech Tools for Stronger Mutual Fund Sales & Marketing Webinar

October 15th 1:00-2:00pm

  • What can you do with robust contact and business profile data on all U.S. registered firms and professionals compared to using Google? – Discovery Data
  • Using data to understand and communicate with your customers – Celera System
  • Identify branch locations where your products beat the competition in their Morningstar category – Broadridge Opportunity Hunter

Session 3 – Tech Tools for Stronger Mutual Fund Sales & Marketing Roundtable

November 7th 3:15 (NYC)

  • Why are fund firms incorporating technology and data into their sales and marketing strategies?
  • Which technologies are they using and what benefits have they gained?
  • What obstacles, delays and challenges have they seen and how did they overcome them?

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About the ICI Small Funds Committee

The ICI Small Funds Committee is a group of boutique fund firms who meet regularly to discuss opportunities and challenges for greater success. The Committee offers educational webinars, meetings and resources for their members.

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For more information, contact Dan Sondhelm at (703) 597-3863 or John Randall at (202) 326-5800.