How to Be a Thought Leader in the Digital Era (video)

Do you want to expand your client base? Become a thought leader and see the results. I’m Dan Sondhelm, CEO of Sondhelm Partners.

For asset and wealth managers, achieving thought leadership is becoming essential. Why? Because thought leaders are viewed as people of influence, with recognized expertise, credibility and strong reputations. Thought leaders are financial professionals whose words matter.

Of course, it’s difficult to become a thought leader. It requires a plan and a commitment to do the four things that most people won’t do.

1. Differentiate Your Story And Be Consistent
Develop a message that differentiates your firm from others. While prospective clients are interested in your background and experience, what they really want to know is that you understand and can help them solve their problems. Your story should be told consistently in all of your sales and marketing communications.

2. Create Engaging Content

Create content that goes a step beyond what every other advisor is publishing. Challenge the conventional wisdom and offer new ways of thinking about a concept or problem. Regardless of the topic, always strive to set yourself apart and always be real and human.

3. Spread Your Influence and Engage

Through social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you can amplify the visibility of your content and expand your engage in real conversations. You can also join specific groups or start your own that brings together your clients and ideal clients. Engage in conversations just as you would if that person was in the same room as you. Share your insights and be part of the conversation. People are engaging in conversations in social media every minute of every day, be a part of them.

4. Be Part of the News

True thought leaders become influential locally and nationally by working with the news media. To get started, network with the journalists who cover investments and personal finance. Always help first, show support, share their articles, comment and engage in their conversations. Once you have established a rapport, submit articles, pitch story ideas and provide feedback on their news stories.

When you earn a news story, be sure to use your reprint on your website, share via social media tagging the publication or journalist involved, and share via email to your clients and prospects.

Thought leadership does not come easily, it requires commitment and a time investment, however, the results will be immeasurable.  Using these strategies in a smart, strategic way is the most effective way to begin your journey.

Need further assistance in developing your strategy to become a thought leader? Let’s talk.

Dan Sondhelm is CEO of Sondhelm Partners, a firm that helps asset managers, mutual funds, ETFs, wealth managers and fintech companies grow through marketing, public relations and sales programs. Click to read Dan’s latest Insight articles and to schedule a complimentary consultation.