Webinar Replay: Client Engagement in Spite of Covid-19: How Boutique Asset Managers are Adjusting to the New Reality

How is your asset management firm weathering the storm?

It’s been quite a year for boutiques. No one could have anticipated how COVID-19 would affect asset managers and mutual funds. Despite the new normal, many firms handled it well and are poised for growth.

In this interactive webinar, growth expert Dan Sondhelm discussed industry trends, best practices and interesting data from conversations with numerous asset managers, industry news reports, and from Sondhelm Partners recent report, “How Boutique Asset Managers are Adjusting to the New Reality.”

In addition, poll questions allowed us to understand in real time how the audience is handling 8 of the industry’s most pressing issues.

Specifically, attendees learned the following:

* How virtual communications has transformed sales and retention
* Ways to keep sales teams productive when they can’t meet in-person
* Which sales and marketing data and technology are most essential now
* Why mergers, fund adoptions and subadvisory agreements are more realistic growth strategies than ever
* Which products are becoming more—or less—popular

Watch The Replay Below.