Webinar Replay: Dan Sondhelm Presented at 3PM Webinar on Growth

Dan Sondhelm spoke at the Third Party Marketers (3PM) webinar “How to Strengthen your 2021 Growth Strategy in Spite of Covid-19.”

It’s been quite a year for boutiques. No one could have anticipated how the pandemic would affect asset managers and mutual funds. Despite the challenges that accompany our collective “new normal”, many firms have handled these sudden changes well and are poised for growth in 2021. In this webinar, growth expert Dan Sondhelm discussed the following topics:

• How boutique asset managers strengthened client and prospect engagement during the pandemic

• Basic, intermediate and advanced digital strategies to help your sales team sell more

• Questions to ask yourself as you finalize your 2021 growth strategy

Dan also shared poll data from Sondhelm Partners’ recent webinar, Client Engagement in Spite of Covid-19: How Boutique Asset Managers are Adjusting to the New Reality,” where they asked 150+ boutique asset managers how they believe they have handled the industry’s most pressing sales and marketing challenges related to the pandemic.

Watch the Replay.