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4 Ways to Transform Your Firm’s Sales and Marketing Culture

September 14, 2020

Investing in tactics can help, but your firm will be better off by encouraging greater flexibility and participation among those who can play a more effective role in delivering your message to the marketplace. Here are four suggestions to start this process. Read Dan Sondhelm’s latest contribution to NASDAQ.

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The Best and Worst Asset Manager Websites for Clarity

September 03, 2020

Study praises Federated Hermes, Barclays, but finds average asset manager website harder to read than an academic paper. Dan Sondhelm spoke to Fund Intelligence for this article.

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Understanding the Payroll Tax Deferral

August 28, 2020

When President Trump deferred payroll taxes for four months, he created a lot of questions for clients. That gives you a chance to shine. Dan Sondhelm commented for this article.

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How to Ace the First Meeting with an Allocator: Zoom Edition

August 25, 2020

First impressions count. Asset managers finally scoring a meeting with an investment consultant or an asset owner aim to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. FundFire asked allocators and marketing consultants to share what they think asset managers should keep in mind to ace the virtual first meet. Dan Sondhelm opined for this article.

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Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

August 17, 2020

Whether you want to cast a wide net or focus on a narrow sliver, LinkedIn can be a key marketing tool for the age of remote work.

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Creating Value or ‘Pushing Stuff Out’: How a Content Strategy Can Make a Difference

August 04, 2020

With the COVID-19 crisis curtailing on-site sales meetings and networking at conferences, asset managers have been scrambling to produce more digital content for consumption at home by their clients and prospects. But is upping the frequency enough to be heard? As featured in Nasdaq.

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Nuveen CMO Marty Willis on marketing ESG through heritage

August 03, 2020

TIAA-owned company aims to spread message of “making an enduring impact on our world” through range of tools. Dan Sondhelm commented for this article in Fund Intelligence.

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Moving From Pitch to Value-Add

July 31, 2020

To remain competitive in a world where effective virtual communications will become more important than on-site meetings, sales, marketing, client service and portfolio management teams will have to collaborate more closely than ever to develop laser-focused strategies for cultivating and retaining advisor relationships. Our recent industry report was referenced.

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Janus Henderson’s ‘Frustrating’ Inst’l Flows Slow Growth

July 30, 2020

Janus Henderson has not yet reported material growth in three years since the mega merger. How can they drive modernization across products, capabilities and global client servicing going forward? Dan Sondhelm commented for this article.

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Prioritizing Your Digital Marketing Wish List

July 23, 2020

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, many boutique asset managers have scrambled to “catch up” to their tech-savvy competitors, as published in Advisorlocity.

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