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Digital Marketing Effectiveness Must Improve as Pandemic Continues

July 03, 2020

With digital marketing required to replace on-site interactions with allocators, asset managers are not very confident in the effectiveness of their current setup, according to a recent study by Sondhelm Partners.

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Does your investment story need an overhaul?

July 02, 2020

In the competitive world of asset management business development a compelling and credible story closes the deal. This article was published in Advisorlocity.

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The Boutiques Are Alright

June 15, 2020

Recent market turbulence has put pressure on boutique asset managers, but most companies are not ready to throw in the towel just yet, according to a recent Sondhelm Partners study. The report was featured in Fundfire.

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Long-Term Remote Work Puts Managers’ Company Culture to the Test

June 11, 2020

Asset managers are grappling with how to keep their company culture in place as remote work stretches on and becomes the new normal for some. Dan Sondhelm shared his thoughts for this Fundfire article.

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Confident, Client-Centric, And Committed: New Research Reveals Boutique Asset Managers’ State Of Mind

June 09, 2020

No one could anticipate the havoc the rapid spread of COVID-19 would wreak upon the global economy, including most asset managers. We wanted to get the pulse on how boutique asset managers are engaging clients and prospects and handling the pandemic. Our report is now available for download on Nasdaq.

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Boutique Managers to Tell Their Stories to Dozens of Research Teams During Co-branded Virtual Event

June 04, 2020

The Citywire World of Boutiques virtual event will take place on July 16th, 2020. This event will offer 10 specialty managers the opportunity to present to US fund buyers. Each portfolio manager will present live to the audience and have the opportunity to answer questions. Sondhelm Partners is an Event Partner.

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US News Q&A: Smart Ways Financial Advisors Can Gain AUM

June 04, 2020

For today’s financial advisors, marketing means going digital. It means producing timely content and earning news coverage that will bring clients to you rather than you hunting them down one phone call at a time. US News & World Report interviewed Dan Sondhelm where he shares some of the biggest marketing challenges advisors face and how his company can help.

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How to Make Sure Your Voice Doesn’t Get Lost in the Mix

June 03, 2020

With on-site visits and conferences off limits for the foreseeable future, nearly all asset managers are focused on building virtual communities of clients and prospects to communicate their news and views. Many advisors and consultants are already suffering from ‘digital overload.’ In our recent webinar, we outlined five strategies firms can use to make sure their voices don‘t get lost in the digital mix. This article was picked up in Nasdaq.

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Thornburg hires Northern Trust AM pro as CMO

May 26, 2020

Thornburg Investment Management has brought on a new chief marketing officer as it looks to enhance its global marketing and growth initiatives. Dan Sondhelm opined on the hire, reporting structure and digital strategy for Fund Intelligence.

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Even Last Year’s AUM Growth Couldn’t Save Managers from Profit Margin Pressure

May 22, 2020

As industry pressures continue to build in a turbulent 2020, firms are relying on strategies that bring greater revenue, including alternative investments, to maintain profitability. Dan Sondhelm shared his thoughts with FundFire for this article.

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