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Why Email Blasts Are Dead and Marketing Automation is Thriving

November 21, 2018

As the financial services world continues its slow crawl into the digital age, boutique asset management firms and mutual fund companies are facing new challenges in marketing and growing their businesses. Many firms have reached a critical juncture in their marketing efforts where they must decide between what is easy and inexpensive but no longer

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PR Gets Story in Investor Hands

November 12, 2018

In an increasingly noisy marketplace being disrupted by social media and other technologies, public relations are undoubtedly a component of a sound marketing and communications plan for any asset manager. However, PR is one in an ever-growing set of tools available to asset managers to get their story in the hands of investors. Dan Sondhelm spoke on a panel with other pros at the Celera client conference.

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Social Media As The Gateway To New Clients

November 09, 2018

What’s the best and most efficient way to find new clients? While many advisors stick to the basics—seminars, free lunches, even (shudder) cold-calling—many advisors are moving to social media—and getting results. Dan Sondhelm was one of several experts to comment for this story.

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Why Your Articles Don’t Get Picked Up by the News

November 07, 2018

Most articles submitted to financial news editors never get published. But aren’t publications “desperate” for content? Not really. To increase the odds, don’t do these three things.

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How Adviser’s Websites Can Attract More Investors

October 30, 2018

In a digitally wired world, having a website that is attractive, dynamic and compelling is essential. Fortunately, it doesn’t require massive resources to create a high-quality website that will attract advisers and investors and move them through the sales funnel. Dan Sondhelm discusses the most cost-effective ways firms can increase the value of their websites.

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Don’t Write This in a “Cold” Email

October 16, 2018

I just received this “cold” email and wanted to share it (along with some pointers) with you. This is a great example of what not to write in an email. The sender claims to be a “digital marketing expert.” Would you buy from him?

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Are your investment, sales and marketing teams aligned for growth?

October 15, 2018

It is not uncommon for asset managers to view these three functions as separate and distinct units with entirely different missions and goals.

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10 Ways to Raise the Bar on Your Asset Management PR

September 21, 2018

A well-conceived public relations strategy can fuel asset growth and retention by increasing a firm’s visibility, credibility, and brand with investors. However, many firms perform their own version of public relations, which sometimes doesn’t deliver the expected impact. What mistakes do PR pros make the most? Dan Sondhelm shared his insight with

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The Mega-Trends Forcing Asset Managers to Revamp

September 20, 2018

There is little doubt that the mega-trends of the last several years have thrust the investment management industry into a period of transformative change. While still buttressed by a strong tailwind of asset-price inflation, investment management firms are facing increasing risks as the relentless downward fee pressure and passive flow migration threatens revenues and profits and, for some firms, their very existence.

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Maybe There Is A Free Lunch For Investors After All

September 10, 2018

Economists often say “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” But Fidelity now offers free funds. Dan Sondhelm, one of several industry observers, commented on the move.

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