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Sondhelm Partners Contributes to American Red Cross – Hurricane Ian

October 07, 2022

The American Red Cross is working to provide food, shelter and comfort for people facing the heartbreaking devastation left behind by this massive storm. For more information, visit the American Red Cross.

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Blackstone, Millennium, Apollo Snag Top Alts Brand Rankings: Report

October 05, 2022

Marketers say too many managers of alternatives still aren’t succinctly telling their story to prospective investors and employees. Dan Sondhelm opined for this article in FundFire.

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BlackRock bought a money manager to expand in private credit. Insiders say the deal has now led to an exodus of frustrated employees

September 21, 2022

After BlackRock acquired private credit firm Tennenbaum Capital Partners, more than a dozen employees left the small investment team. Dan Sondhelm commented for this Insider article about why demand for private credit has created opportunities for top executives to join other firms or become an entrepreneur.

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Sondhelm Partners is Proud to be Shortlisted in Hedgeweek Awards Best Third-Party Marketing Category

September 21, 2022

The nominated service providers are based on a widespread survey of more than 500 fund managers and other key industry participants.

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Digital Divide: 63% of Savers Need Human Help with 401(k)s

September 19, 2022

Most retirement plan recordkeepers are investing heavily in their digital offerings, but much of that spending may be lost on participants, a recent survey suggests. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Ignites article.

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Goldman Sachs AM Preps Strategic Beta Duo

September 16, 2022

Goldman Sachs Asset Management preps two strategic beta ETFs. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Traditional Fund Intelligence article on how these ETF’s will fit into Goldman’s portfolio of similar strategies and what type of investors would be interested.

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Shops on Texas Ban List Tout Oil, Gas Investments

September 01, 2022

BlackRock and other vocal supporters of environmental, social and governance investing are now promoting their decisions to invest in the Lone Star State’s oil and gas business. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Ignites article.

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Boutique Firm Subversive Adds Three Active Thematic ETFs

August 16, 2022

The firm builds hyper focus on thematic, disruptive mission, but needs to market these strategies to gain traction. Dan Sondhelm opined for this article in Traditional Fund Intelligence.

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Worth Its Weight in GLD: The Value of a Clever Ticker

August 03, 2022

Shops often use ticker symbols as branding tools for their products, but not all shops realize their marketing potential. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Ignites article.

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Strive Taps SSGA for Institutional Distribution Push

August 02, 2022

The firm looks to bulk up sales team prior to inaugural ETF launches. Dan Sondhelm opined for this Traditional Fund Intelligence article.

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