5 Email Marketing Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Despite the growing popularity of social media and texting, email marketing remains a highly effective way to communicate with prospects and clients, which is why most boutique asset managers and fund firms engage in email marketing at some level. For firms that have been doing it for a while, email marketing is fairly straightforward. They Read more »

Why Email Blasts Are Dead and Marketing Automation is Thriving

email marketing firms for financial managers As the financial services world continues its slow crawl into the digital age, boutique asset management firms and mutual fund companies are facing new challenges in marketing and growing their businesses. Many firms have reached a critical juncture in their marketing efforts where they must decide between what is easy and inexpensive but no longer Read more »

Rising AUM? Declining Shares Outstanding? Time to Plug the Leak

Investment management firms are celebrating record assets under management after an increase in 2017 of 16.1 percent – from $18.2 trillion to $21.1 trillion. According to Thomson Reuters Lipper, equity managers fared the best with an increase of 21.6 percent. This is obviously great news for investment managers as it translates into nice-sized bonuses. However, Read more »

Considerations For Your Growth Strategy

Do you have a great story to tell, but find that investors aren’t paying as much attention as you’d like? Or perhaps you’ve been building your growth strategy and want additional ways to amplify your results. Now is the perfect time to think about your current results and how you can do even better over the next year. Our checklist will help ensure you’ve thought through the major considerations for your growth. Read more »

Market Volatility Reveals Communications Challenge for Investment Managers

The seismic market events of the last two months should be a stark reminder to investment management firms that having a well-conceived communication plan at the ready is essential if they want to differentiate themselves among anxious financial advisors. Contact and Communication is Biggest Unmet Need of Advisors According to a survey of financial advisors Read more »

What Best Practices Have Become Worst Practices?

How many of these 13 wholesaler “worst practices” is your sales team guilty of? Thank you calls, meeting follow up calls, and lunch meetings are just a few behaviors that may be due for a makeover, according to our friend MaryAnne Doggett at Interactive Communications. Read more »

Cambridge: Industry consolidation to continue in 2018

“Targeted acquisitions of smart beta firms, of managers able to outperform their index, and of active managers sheltered from the shift to passive will remain of interest. Transactional activity in non‐ traditional asset classes such as infrastructure, real estate, private debt and private equity will remain strong, and, possibly, we may even see increasing interest Read more »

Fighting the Tide: How Boutique Asset Managers Can Beat the Growth Barrier

Celera Systems recently conducted a webinar entitled “Optimizing for Growth.” The event was moderated by Dan Sondhelm from Sondhelm Partners. Panelists included Justin Bates of Swan Global Investments and Joe Childrey of Probabilities Fund Management. Below is a summary of the insight shared to dozens of mutual fund executives. It has been a challenging last Read more »

How to Allocate Your Budget for Growth in Three Steps

fund manager marketing sales pr firms I see it all the time. Investment managers with good strategies and impressive track records just can’t seem to gain traction with institutional investors or financial advisors. Either firms have a tough time with distribution or senior management still holds on to outdated notions such as “if we build it, investors will come” and “good Read more »

Are You Giving Advisers What They Want?

When it comes to communications from asset managers, advisors want insights and marketing intelligence and opportunities to interact with portfolio managers and CIOs, not product pitches and cold calls. These are just a few of the key findings revealed in Giving Advisers What They Want, a new advisor research whitepaper written by Jeff Briskin of Read more »