Casey Quirk: 2019 is a Pivotal Year for Asset Managers

A weakening market and increasing volatility are continuing to expose the soft underbelly of the asset management industry. After a decade of year-over-year growth in AUM, managers have reached a critical juncture where a transitioning market can no longer mask the lack of organic growth, which is vital to sustainable profits. What are managers to do? Read more »

Stop Making These Mistakes When Talking to Gatekeepers

Getting in front of gatekeepers of institutional, wirehouse, broker-dealer and RIA firms is essential. But not all portfolio managers are prepared for the conversations. While anyone can get through a 30 minute meeting, increase the odds of a second meeting by avoiding these mistakes. Read more »

Asset Managers’ Advance into Digital Coming Up Short

As more asset managers embrace digital technologies, few are connecting the dots between technologies which results in a disjointed approach to marketing, sales and client servicing. Good news is they are making progress, according to a recent industry survey. Read more »

Don’t Write This in a “Cold” Email

marketing automation firm for asset management I just received this "cold" email and wanted to share it (along with some pointers) with you. This is a great example of what not to write in an email. The sender claims to be a "digital marketing expert." Would you buy from him? Read more »

Avi Nachmany: Mega-Trends Forcing Asset Managers to Revamp

There is little doubt that the mega-trends of the last several years have thrust the investment management industry into a period of transformative change. While still buttressed by a strong tailwind of asset-price inflation, investment management firms are facing increasing risks as the relentless downward fee pressure and passive flow migration threatens revenues and profits and, for some firms, their very existence. Read more »

5 Ways Asset Managers Can Increase Advisor Engagement

Do you want ideas on how to better use your sales reports to build stronger relationships with your current advisors? SalesFocus Solutions’ David Halligan, a client, penned this recent article that was also picked up in Money Management Executive. Read more »

Platform Cuts Force Boutiques to Survive

boutique find manager marketing Suddenly, due to platform rationalization, the economics of running a boutique fund or fund family have soured and the sustainability of funds that are vulnerable to outflows has come into question. Read more »