Article Goes Viral with a Little Help

I've earned my share of retweets, likes and followers on Twitter over the years. But four years ago this month, Donald Trump helped a few of us become famous, sort of. Read more »

Ready? Set? Go to an Industry Conference

Industry conferences can be a great place to showcase your funds and engage advisors. They provide unparalleled opportunities for you to play with the big boys, setting up your booth alongside some of the most well-known brands in the industry. Is it really worth the money? Read more »

5 Strategies for Getting Salespeople to Adopt New Tech

Mutual Fund Wire Salespeople like doing things their way and can be resistant to change, especially when it comes to implementing new sales technologies. Katie Martz at Synthesis, our client, discusses five strategies for improving adoption in Read more »

You Can’t Afford to Make a Bad Voicemail Impression

An advisor friend gets about 10 cold calls a week from mutual fund wholesalers. The number he returns? Zero. Here’s the transcription of one recent cold caller, a list of mistakes he made in his message, and what he should have said instead. Read more »

Don’t Open This Email Alert… or Else

Thank you for taking the time to open this email message and click to our website to read the full article. But, you shouldn’t have. Now we can track your every move digitally. And we can act on this information, if we choose. We promise, though, we won’t be a pain. Read more »

Global Asset Management 2019: Will These ’20s Roar?

Technology will effectively be table stakes in most markets. Getting it right will require a new strategic agenda and, usually, significant investment. Boston Consulting Group expects most firms to step up their sales and marketing digitization activities, leading to reimagined business models, new technology capabilities, greatly increased efficiency, and transformed client relationships, in their recent report. Read more »