What Asset Managers Can Learn From Vineyards About Marketing

marketing agency for fund managers dc Why do we need to spend time developing original content? My web site and wholesalers tell advisors and institutions everything they need to know. Consider the story of a local vineyard that successfully leverages its subject matter expertise to turn wine aficionados like me into loyal customers. Read more »

How to Avoid Wasting Your Money on Marketing Automation

Asset managers are purchasing marketing automation platforms which can cost between $1,500 and $2,500 per month on a subscription basis with long-term commitments. Yet, many are using it like a $100 per month, no commitment MailChimp or Constant Contact program. That’ like buying a Porsche and driving it like it’s a Hyundai. Why spend the money if you don’t benefit from more utility? Read more »

Happy Days are Here Again?

If you only read the headlines for Morningstar’s latest Direct Fund Flows Commentary, you might walk away with the impression that investors have come back in force. And that the dominance of passive funds over active funds is finally beginning to crack. Think again. If you go behind the headlines, you’ll see that the numbers aren’t as impressive as they might seem. Read more »

For Asset Managers, Thought Leadership is the Key Differentiator

Thought leadership is about creating insight that provides people with a different perspective on issues that matter to them. Authentic thought leadership challenges conventional wisdom while provoking or influencing thought. Memorable, insightful, and impactful thought leadership content is built on these key elements. Read more »

Increasing Your Asset Win Percentage (AWP)

Boutique asset managers often debate which client segments offer the best potential. Too often, these firms swing for home runs, but there are also advantages to hitting singles and doubles. Read more »

Fund History 1774-2018 [infographic]

Kurtosys developed this handy timeline of the most significant events that have shaped the mutual fund industry, featuring some lawful reforms, important fund launches and AUM landmarks. Read more »

Your Compliance Team’s 2019 Resolution

Excited to switch to the new “notice-and-access” online publication delivery process? You’ll have to wait until January 2021 but Kurtosys shares how it works in a recent article. Read more »

Asset Manager Viability Requires Diversification

financial management growth It’s not uncommon for asset management firms to be highly concentrated, with a significant portion of their revenues coming from relatively few clients or products. From a business management standpoint, it is both risky and irresponsible. Just ask Northern Cross. Read more »

Technology is Changing the Playing Field (and the Players)

The unalterable trends transforming the asset management industry are forcing firms to question their business models with many scrambling to maintain relevance in an evolving value chain. Driven by the growth of low-cost investments and other pricing pressures, the long-entrenched dynamics of the advisor/asset manager relationship are changing. Read more »