Plain-speaking the language of retail investors

Portfolio managers and analysts generally feel most comfortable interacting with highly sophisticated institutional consultants and wealth managers who are well versed in the highly technical and jargon-laded lingua franca of the investment world. But as many asset managers find themselves struggling to capture new inflows, they’re asking portfolio managers and analysts to communicate directly with Read more »

Will 2020 be the Year Asset Managers Finally Catch the Technology Wave?

Rising passive inflows, fee compression, increasing regulation, and platform rationalization continue to threaten the survival of boutique firms. As these trends come more sharply into focus, 2020 will be a pivotal year in which firms either get ahead of them or continue their slide into oblivion. Read more »

Are You “Bearly” Prepared?

At some point, the bad times will return. When they arrive, some asset managers will find new revenue opportunities, while others will need to go into survival mode. The smart firms will anticipate where they could end up and start preparing for the inevitable. Read more »