Does Your Investment Story Need an Overhaul?

telling your investment story Some asset managers believe that performance is the story. But it’s not. It’s the attention-grabbing headline that your core investment narrative must always be proving, whether it’s on the pages of a commentary or your web site, spoken by a portfolio manager in a webinar or video, or summarized in a sales presentation. Read more »

From Crisis Comes Long-Term Opportunity

The Mutual Fund Wire In this environment, sales managers and wholesalers need to take on the role of thought leadership ambassadors and communicate in multiple ways. This empowers advisors to choose how they want to interact with asset management firms. This article was written by our client Fugent and was picked up in Read more »

How to Make Sure Your Voice Doesn’t Get Lost in the Mix

With on-site visits and conferences off limits for the foreseeable future, nearly all asset managers are focused on building virtual communities of clients and prospects to communicate their news and views. Many advisors and consultants are already suffering from ‘digital overload.’ In our recent webinar, we outlined five strategies firms can use to make sure their voices don‘t get lost in the digital mix. Read more »

Active Management is Back: How Do You Take Advantage of It?

With passively managed funds dominating inflows over the past decade, market prognosticators said it would take a bear market to convince investors to reconsider actively managed funds again. Well, advisors and institutions may be more willing to listen to your success story. Our recent webinar explained how boutique firms can position their active management success stories front and center among their clients and prospects, even in a work-at-home world. Read more »

How to Be a Thought Leader in the Digital Era (video)

For asset and wealth managers, achieving thought leadership is essential. Thought leaders are viewed as people of influence, with recognized expertise, credibility and strong reputations. Thought leaders are financial professionals whose words matter. Of course, it’s difficult to become a thought leader. It requires a plan and a commitment to do the four things that most people won’t do. Read more »

Why PR and SEO Should Go Together

PR and SEO have very similar objectives, particularly authority. But an increasing number of asset managers are realizing that a good PR strategy coupled with a good SEO strategy can ensure your firm's content is actually found by the people who actually want it. Read more »